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Garanti Belgesi
Swarovski Sertifikası        Swarovski Etiket Patenti        Merrily Kutu
Merrily Wedding Rings products are sold under Özkan Group warranty along with Warranty Certificate, Swarovski Certificate, Swarovski Label,
Merrily Patent* and Special Box.
Please request all of these four features together while purchasing Merrily products.
These four features will ensure you use original Merrily Wedding Rings product.
The warranty period of the products is 5 years.
Özkan Group is always with you to provide you necessary support so that you can use the products you purchased for many years.
For the warranty period of the products you purchased from Merrily Wedding Rings to continue, no intervention such as resizing and repair
should be performed on the products by any third party persons and organizations other than Özkan Group.
Changed or altered products are not covered by the warranty.
You can contact us using the contact form on our web site for all your queries and complaints on this subject.
* Merrily Patent: Merrily name is laser printed on the inside of the ring you bought.